Lightly battered Jumbo shrimp and vegetables. 5.95

B.B.Q. Tuna

Skewered tuna marinated in ginger sauce then grilled. 4.95

Baked Green Mussels
Baked New Zealand mussels with smelt roe. 5.95

Tofu Steak
Fried tofu with Teriyaki sauce. 5.50

Beef Tatki

Broiled rare beef served with Ponzu sauce. (Vineyard Soy Sauce.) 8.50

Skewered chicken andn onions with Teriyaki sauce. 4.95

Baked Seafood
Assorted seafood, fresh mushrooms and onions topped with smelt roe sauce and baked until golden brown. 9.95

Curry Mussels
Fresh mussels with onions, bell peppers, coconut milk, and lemon grass in a rich curry sauce. 11.50

Beef and Asparagus Maki
Asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced beef served with Teriyaki sauce. 10.50

Fried Tofu (Age Dashi Tofu)
Deep fried tofu served with Special –Sauce. 4.95

Baked Salmon
Salmon rolled with crab meat baked with eel sauce. 11.50

Tuna, white fish, crab stick, and salmon. 10.50

Wasabi Honey Shrimp

Fresh jumbo shrimp in a creamy, velvety sauce. 8.95

Sauteed Soft Shell Crab
Fried jumbo soft shell crab sautéed with bell peppers, Jumbo onions, and Jalapeno peppers. 13.50

Boiled and salted green soybeans. 4.75

Pan fried dumplings stuffed with beef. Served with dipping sauce. 5.50

Stuffed Shitake (Mushrooms)
Stuffed with shrimp, sautéed with Sake and Soy sauce. 6.95

Squid Steak

Sautéed whole squid with Sake, butter, and Soy sauce. 10.95

Wasabi Shumai

Steamed dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables. 4.95

Steamed shrimp dumplings. 4.95

Black Bean Mussels
Fresh mussels sautéed with bell pepper, jumo onions, jalapeno peppers, and black beans. 11.50

California roll, Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, and Crab stick sushi. 9.50

Frenchmen Scallops
Sea scallops sautéed in garlic butter sauce. 7.95

Beef Negamaki
Green onions wrapped in thinly sliced beef served with Teriyaki sauce. 10.50

Cold tofu served with green onIons, grated ginger and Bonito flakes. 4.50

Baked Salmon Neck
Broiled salmon neck served with Ponzu sauce. 6.50

Hamachi Kama

Broiled Yellowtail Neck served with Ponzu sauce. 10.50

Calamari Tempura

Tempura batter fried Calamari with bell peppers and Jumbo Onions. 10.50

(for parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be included in your check)


Frenchmen Street



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